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Concrete Pump Rental

Putzmeister 32Z Concrete Pump Truck Rental

Concrete pump rental

The Putzmeister features a multi-Z boom design, which enables you to place concrete in hard-to-reach places faster and more efficiently. The four-section boom can move in, over and around obstacles. In addition to navigating obstacles with ease, the boom does not have to be completely unfolded to begin to pour concrete, so you can get started right away!

  • 105 foot vertical reach
  • 200 yards per hour
  • Free-flow hydraulic system
  • Exclusive “multi-z” design
  • Compact 18 foot (5.5 meter) footprint
  • Unique “X” brace outrigger design

Why should I rent a concrete pump?

A concrete pump places concrete faster with less labor than any other method. Which means that you can save money and free up valuable personnel for other duties.

The direct placement of concrete, without rehandling, improves the concrete quality and reduces labor. A concrete pump also causes less congestion than most other methods.

Additionally, a concrete pump is safer than other methods when used properly. There is not two tons of concrete swinging or dropping, wrenched back or tripping accidents that are associated with buggies.


My finishers can only take 30 yards per hour, so I use buggies. I don’t need high volume.

The steady flow of the pump often increases the productivity of the finishers because of the lack of interruptions and delays. Labor savings are realized by the elimination of the need to build runways, move runways, and reduction in mucking and vibrating.