Every year, we invest thousands of dollars in our employees. The management team is strongly encouraged to attend at least one professional development and one technical seminar every year. We also send representatives to national trade shows, such as the World of Concrete, to stay current on the methods and the technology.

The field supervisors go to at least one outside seminar every year, plus have the opportunity to attend any of the in house seminars we offer.

In addition to the mandatory training, like first aid or forklift training, we have many sessions open to all employees. In a typical year, we might have transit training, a flatwork concrete class, construction calculations and blueprint reading classes.

We are members of a peer group we call the Round Table. It is a group of building contractors with 10 to 100 million dollars annual volumes from across the United States. We meet every six months at one of the member’s offices, to focus on their “Opportunities for Improvement.” We have benefited immensely from visiting and being visited.