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3000 Point Township Drive Northumberland Pa 17857

Contractors Advisory Board

Zartman Construction stays on top of national industry trends and best practices.

Through our involvement with the Contractors Advisory Board, we’re able to keep up with national trends and best practices in the construction industry. Twice per year, this group meets in person, rotating among the locations of the five members. During this semi-annual meeting, the group provides a peer evaluation of the host contractor and meets to discuss current trends and issues facing their businesses.

In addition to their semi-annual meetings, the Contractors Advisory Board also has monthly calls for a similar, abbreviated discussion.

Since the locations of the group members are so diverse, we are able to gain valuable insight to trends outside of central Pennsylvania, and apply that insight to give our customers the best services and equipment.


Zartman Construction

  • Focus on general contracting and the only member of the group with a fleet of rental equipment
  • David Zartman, President

Cicero’s Development Corporation (Plainfield, IL)

  • Focus on renovations in the hospitality industry
  • Samuel E. Cicero, Jr., President
  • Samuel J. Cicero, Sr., Founder

Keller-Martin Construction (San Antonio, TX)

  • Focus on a variety of General Contracting projects in local area
  • Rick Smith, President
  • Randy Reiley, Vice President of Operations

RUSH Construction (Titusville, FL)

  • Focus on a variety of construction management projects in local area
  • Ed Rabel, Founder
  • William Chivers, President

TerWisscha Construction (TWC) (Wilmar, MN)

  • Focus on nationwide specialty projects (i.e. veterinary offices, oral surgery centers and funeral homes)
  • Kelly TerWisscha, CEO
  • Keith Nelson, President

The Contractors Advisory Board was formed by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). The purpose of the group is to provide resources and support to one another as owners of comparable businesses, not in direct competition with one another. Distance ensures competition is not an issue.