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3000 Point Township Drive Northumberland Pa 17857

Millwright Services

Our millwright services team is dedicated to helping you from the moment your machinery is unloaded to the time it needs to be removed and replaced with a newer model. We work with precision and efficiency to ensure your machinery is assembled and installed accurately while minimizing production downtime.

Our team of experienced millwrights average 20 years of experience. They install, remove, repair and relocate equipment with precision. They have worked in a variety of industries and facilities. In addition to our professional millwright staff, we have a dedicated industrial services project management team. This team will develop a detailed strategy for your project, ensuring that it runs smoothly and safely. We can handcraft a solution to any problem you might be facing.

Zartman Construction also has a full fleet of cranes, from 8.5 tons to 300 tons, which can be called upon to provide rigging and installation services.

Our millwright services can help:

  • Install machinery
  • Maintain machinery
  • Repair machinery
  • Dismantle machinery

Let’s talk about your project

Our experienced team can guide you through your industrial service project and provide you with the best solutions for your project. Give us a call at 570-275-4400 or send us an email.