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3000 Point Township Drive Northumberland Pa 17857

Heavy Haul Trucking

Transporting large equipment and other oversized loads can be challenging. In addition to needing heavy haul trucks and trailers, permits may be required.

Our heavy haul trucking services can help.

We have experience in heavy haul trucking and are familiar with the permits that may be required, depending on the weight and size of the equipment you’re hauling. Our team can plan an alternative travel route to the destination, if necessary.

Let us help you get the equipment you need to its destination on time. Our professional drivers are experienced and here to help you.

To further assist with your materials’ handling operation, Zartman has railroad siding, dock and rail service available to load or unload your materials. We can also temporarily store your equipment and materials in our yard.

Do you need your equipment installed at your destination? Our experts can help.

Let our trucks and trailers make the pick-up and delivery.

Let’s talk about your project

Our experienced team can guide you through your industrial service project and provide you with the best solutions for your project. Give us a call at 570-275-4400 or send us an email.