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Mud Jacking

Have your floors settled and cracked?

Does their settlement and slab unevenness give you problems with production, warehousing or lift truck maintenance?

We have the answer: mud jacking! 

Mud jacking, or slab jacking, is a skilled process of drilling holes into the concrete slab and injecting a cement mortar mix beneath concrete slabs to raise them to their original elevations. Once the slab is in its new position, we seal the holes. It is a complex and often difficult task.

We have over 20 years of experience in the field and we own the latest mud jacking equipment.

In many cases can position the pumping equipment outside the building and do the mud injection with hoses after the drilling of the holes.

Obviously, very heavily loaded slabs will need to be partially unloaded, but in many cases, the work can be done without disruption to your business.

If uneven, crooked or wobbly floors are causing you problems, give us a call.

Completed Mud Jacking Projects

At the Jersey Shore Post Office the floor had settled 4.5” and made it no longer feasible for the post office to work in the building because of the inconveniences it created. This slab was raised back up to within 1/2” of the original grade. By doing the work at night over 1 week, it caused very little disruption of the usual business at the post office.

We have also done mud jacking for Bucknell University, Beavertown Weaving Mills, Knoebels Grove and many other clients.

Let’s talk about your project

Our experienced team can guide you through your mud jacking project and provide you with the best solutions for your project. Give us a call at 570-275-4400 or send us an email.