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Concrete Equipment Rental

Zartman has all the compaction, demolition and concrete equipment rental items you will need for your next project.

From mixers to saws to drills to rebar tying tools, if you need a concrete equipment rental we’ve got you covered.

We also have the tools for your small-to-medium sized soil compaction job, including a jumping jack tamper and plate tampers.

Finishing Tools

Asphalt Roller

The Bomag BW 75 AD-2 is a twin drum asphalt roller rental.

Concrete Broom

The concrete broom rental options are three foot or six foot brooms.

Bull Float

Bull float rental options include four foot and eight foot floats.

Power Trowels

The Whiteman walk-behind power trowels in our inventory are perfect for troweling small to medium sized areas. They range from 36 to 46 inches and speeds up to 155 RPM.


14-inch Walk-behind Concrete Saw

The EDCO 14 inch walk-behind saw features a heavy-duty anti-vibration engine mount and a 13 HP gasoline engine. It also has wide-T handles with rubber grips and high quality molded rubber wheels.This walk-behind saw rental is perfect for concrete/asphalt cutting or drilling. Such projects include short-run slab cutting, contraction joints, patch repairs in asphalt and traffic loop installation and trenching.

18-inch Walk-behind Concrete Saw

The EDCO 18 inch walk-behind concrete saw is perfect for concrete/asphalt cutting. It features a heavy-duty anti-vibration engine mount and heavy-duty lifting bail, along with wide-T handles with rubber grips.

It can be used for short-run slab cutting, contraction joints, patch repairs in asphalt, traffic loop installation, and trenching.

20-inch Concrete Saw

The Allen Engineering APS20H 20 inch concrete saw features a tracking pointer for a precise running guide.  The concrete saw rental features a Honda engine with 13 hp.

  • Maximum cutting depth: 7 inch
  • Blade diameter: 12 – 20 inch

Electric Concrete Saw

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 390 is designed for residential use.  This electric concrete saw allows for concrete to be cut within the first two hours of finishing and before the final set.

  • Maximum cutting depth: 1.13 inch
  • Maximum blade diameter: 5.5 inch

Walk-behind Scarifier

The EDCO 10 inch walk-behind Crete-Planer™ CPM 10-13H will scarify 500-700 square feet per hour at a depth per pass of one-eight inch. This scarifier rental is best used for scarification and removing heavy coatings.

Soft-cut Concrete Saw

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut GX-1500 can be used to saw contraction joints after pouring concrete slabs.

Wet Saw

The Husqvarna K3000 wet power cutter is capable of both wet and dry cutting. The blade is designed to rotate forwards, which cuts into materials easier.

This wet saw rental is capable of cutting cast concrete, pipes, floors, walls, building blocks, curbstones, and garden pavers.

  • Maximum cutting depth: 5 inches
  • Maximum blade diameter: 14 inches

Cut-n-break Saw

The Husqvarna K4000 cut-n-break saw can cut as deep as 400mm from one side, making it perfect for flush cutting.

This cut-n-break saw rental is perfect for cutting walls and floors, window openings, pipes, cast concrete, building blocks, curbstones and garden pavers.

  • Maximum cutting depth: 16 inches
  • Maximum blade diameter: 9 inches
Concrete Vibrators and Vibratory Screeds

Backpack Concrete Vibrator

The Oztec BP50A backpack concrete vibrator rental is powerful, portable and provides adapatability on the jobsite.

The vibrator head can develop up to 12,000 vpm and won’t drop below 10,000 vpm, which is essential for high-quality concrete. The backpack allows for you to maneuver easily around the job for over an hour before needing to refuel.

This vibrator can run heads up to two inch in diameter.

Electric Concrete Vibrator

Looking to remove air pockets from your concrete? Problem solved with a concrete vibrator rental!

The Oztech electric concrete vibrator motor is lightweight and can be operated by one person.  The concrete vibrator rental can run vibrator heads 11,000 to 12,000 vpm.  It also features a quick disconnet system.
  • 17 amps
  • 2.25 HP
  • 2 inch steel head size
  • 1 7/8 inch or 2 3/4inch short rubber head size

Magic Screed

The Allen Engineering HD7070 Magic Screed rental is a lightweight wet screed for single operator strike-off of concrete. It provides uniform distribution over the entire blade length. This screed can support blades from four to sixteen feet.

  • Horsepower: 1.5 hP
  • Handles: adjustable
  • Vibration frequency: 7500 RPM
  • Consolidation depth: up to 6 inches

Vibra Strike II

The Lindley Vibra Strike II vibra screed rental is a power screed which can handle even the toughest concrete jobs.

Core Drills and Combination Hammers

Core Drill

The Diamond Products Core Bore M1 core drill rental is a capable of drilling through granite, masonry and steel reinforced concrete, leaving a perfect hole.

It features wheels for easy mobility and a dual switch/outlet control panel with amp meter. The slide handle on this core drill allows for drilling in tight areas and the ceiling jack helps keep it in place.

  • Drilling capacity: 1/2 inch through 14 inch with spacer
  • Base: anchor/vacuum
  • Mast: 2 1/2 inch squar x 42 inch high

Hand-held Core Drill

The Diamond Products Weka DK13 hand-held core drill rental is an electric core drill with a 3 inch bit capacity. It is capable of wet or dry drilling.

It has three speeds for bits up to 3 inches or 6 inches mounted. The core drill also features two leveling bubbles to give you the most accurate coring.

  • 5/8”-11 or 1.250”-7 spindle

1-1/8 inch SDS+ Combination Hammer

Need to chip, drill or break through concrete, masonry or tile? A combination hammer is designed to either drill or break up hard surfaces.

The DeWalt D25416K 1-1/8 inch SDS+ combination hammer delivers 4.2 joules of impact energy and features Active Vibration Control® technology. It has a three-mode selector for switching between hammer drilling, rotary only, and chipping only.

  • 4.2 joules of impact energy
  • 9 amp motor

2-inch Combination Hammer

The DeWalt D25763K 2 inch SDS max combination hammer rental features a two-stage clutch and Active Vibration Control®. You can control the speed of drilling and chipping.

  • 15.5 joules of impact energy
  • 15 amp motor
Jack Hammers

Need to break up rock, concrete or pavement? We have multiple sizes of jack hammers for rent to best fit your needs.

  • 20 lb. air pneumatic
  • 60 lb. air pneumatic
  • 60 lb. electric
    • includes various pneumatic chipping tools
  • 90 lb. air pneumatic

A 20 pound air hammer is also available for rent.

60lb. Pavement Breaker

The 60 lb Tamco TOKU PB-60 pavement breaker rental is a rugged and reliable tool for your next project. It features a rugged four bolt back head, drop forged alloy steel construction, forged latch retainers and safety triggers.

This breaker is designed for larger demolition projects, such as breaking rock, reinforced concrete, or pavement.

  • Shank size: 1 1/4″ x 6″
  • Stroke length: 4″
  • Piston diameter: 2 1/4″
  • Impact rate: 1,400 B.P.M
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Air consumption: 70 C.F.M.
  • Hose size: 3/4″

90lb. Pavement Breaker

The Tamco TOKU PB-90 paving breaker rental is a rugged and reliable tool with a four bolt back head, drop forged alloy steel construction, forged latch retainers and safety triggers.

This 90 pound paving breaker is designed for larger demoltion projects, whether you are breaking rock, reinforced concrete or pavement this tool has the power to get it done.

  • Shank size: 1 1/8″ x 6″
  • Stroke length: 6″
  • Piston diameter: 2 5/8″
  • Impact rate: 1,250 B.P.M.
  • Weight: 92.4 lbs
  • Air consumption: 77 C.F.M.
  • Hose size: 3/4″

Demolition Hammer

The DeWalt D25980K demolition hammer rental is a 1 1/8 inch 80 pound heavy-duty pavement breaker which can deliver up to 52 joules of impact energy.

This jack hammer is perfect for floor trenching for pipe, breaking out stairs/risers, creating openings into shafts, breaking asphalt, loosening/breaking hard packed dirt/gravel/clay and confined space work when big power is needed.

It has Active Vibration Control® technology which reduces user vibration for less user fatigue and greater productivity.

  • Amps: 15 
  • Chuck type: 1-1/8″ hex
  • Impact energy: 52 joules
  • Loaded speed: 900 BPM
  • Max watts out: 1600 W
  • Lenght: 30.75 IN
  • Weight: 68.3 LBS
  • Vibration measurement: 4.8 M/S²
Mortar Mixer and Power Buggy

Mortar Mixer

Need to whip up a big batch of mortar mix? Problem solved with a mortar mixer rental!

The Allen Engineering AMM9H8 plaster-mortar mixer features an emergency stop switch, a heavy-duty safety grate with built-in bag splitter and quick access, front disengage.

  • 8 hp
  • Batch bag capacity: 2.5 – 3
  • Batch capacity: 9.6 cu ft
  • Drum material: 3/16″ steel
  • Mixer type: paddle

Power Buggy

Looking to place concrete in a tough to reach place? Don’t use a wheelbarrow, use a mud buggy rental from Bear Rental.

The Allen Engineering AR16 power buggy features a high-strength, high-density polyethylene bucket and heavy-duty hydraulic wheel motors.
  • 16 cubic foot capacity
  • Hydrolic dump action
  • Top speed: 7 mph
  • Payload 2,500 lb

14-inch Plate Tamper

The Allen Engineering APC140H vibratory single-direction plate compactor features a Honda gasoline engine, a removable tank, and an open base plate design. The plate tamper rental also has a fold-down built-in wheel system for easy transportation.

A plate tamper rental is ideal for landscaping and outdoor projects.

  • Horsepower class: 3.5 hp (2.7 kW)
  • Vibration frequency: 5,640 vpm (94Hz)
  • Plate size: 20 x 14.2 in
  • Centrifugal force: 2,359 lbf
  • Travel speed: 82 ft/min
  • Compaction depth: 7.9 in
  • Compaction area: 5,920 – 6,458 ft2/hr
  • Maximum gradeability: 20°

Jumping Jack Tamper

A jumping jack tamper rental is ideal for small, confined spaces such as trenches and foundations. It is best when used to compact clay and dirt.

Reversible Plate Tamper

The Bomag BPR 65/70D reversible plate tamper rental can be used on soil, aggregate and paving block. This rental is perfect for trenches and pipelines; footpaths; road and railroad work; sub-bases and foundations; backfill, embankments and bridge abutments; and landscaping.

This tamper features a hydraulic travel control system, which ensures smooth transition from forward to reverse travel modes. It can work at speeds up to 92 feet per minute and features a maximum centrifugal force to 15,525 pounds and a maximum vibration frequency of 4,020 vibrations per minute. The tamper also has built-in steering rod buffers and an automatic backup protection switch.

  • Speed: 92 feet per minute
  • Maximum centrifugal force: 15,525 pounds
  • Maximum vibration frequency: 4,020 vibrations per minute.