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Thawzall Rental

A Thawzall rental is a fully contained unit which uses a furnace system to heat a biodegradable, environmentally safe propylene glycol solution.

The effectiveness of the unit depends on soil type, density of frozen ice in the soil, hose spacing, thermal rating of covering blankets, ambient temperatures, heat loss and the volume of the space to be heated.

Zartman can supply all accessories needed to complete your job. A manifold can also be rented to double the square footage.

A thawzall rental can help keep you working on the coldest days.

A thawzall rental can:

  • Remove ground frost
  • Prevent ground frost
  • Cure concrete
  • Be used as a temporary heat source

Up to 12 inches of frost can be removed in 24 hours with a ground thaw heater rental.

This portable heating system can thaw up to 6,000 square feet of frozen ground, cure up to 18,000 square feet of concrete and prevent frost on up to 27,000 square feet of ground.