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Tilt-up Construction

Always looking for ways to provide more building options for you, Zartman Construction now offers tilt-up construction. Tilt-up buildings grant increased architectural freedom with the ability to create panels of unique sizes and shapes.

In addition to the efficiencies and economics provided by tilt-up construction, the process method also delivers the additional benefits of long-term value and superior building performance. The advantages of thermal efficiency, maintenance friendly exteriors and reduced life-cycle cost make tilt-up buildings preferred investments.

  1. Lending institutions view tilt-up construction as preferred because of their lasting value
  2. Because of concrete’s durability, it allows for tilt-up buildings to maintain their appearance, structural integrity and value
  3. Tilt-up wall panels are easily retrofitted to accommodate new openings or repositioned for additions
  4. Reinforced concrete walls offer a natural barrier to destructive elements of both man and nature; inside and out
  5. Heating and cooling costs are reduced because of the air-tight construction, and the size of the mechanical units
  6. Steel reinforced concrete walls offer a solid deterrent to illegal entry and vandalism
  7. The sound abatement properties of concrete make tilt-up buildings good neighbors

Why Tilt-Up Construction?

Benefits of tilt-up construction include not only the economic benefits of maximizing your operating and investment dollars, but also the speed of construction, building quality, floor utilization, design freedom/versatility, and thermal economy.

Construction speed

Decrease your labor and material costs and construction time with the detailed engineering and “assembly-line” productivity.

Building quality

A combination of the latest technologies partnering experienced designers and construction professionals to optimize quality.

Floor utilization

With “column-free” construction you have an unrestricted use of flooring and door placement.

Design freedom/versatility

Since concrete is a liquid you have the capability to shape almost any appearance you want.

Thermal economy

The natural heat-sink properties of concrete, plus your use of insulating materials, will save money on energy costs.

Let’s talk about your project

Our experienced team can guide you through the tilt-up construction process and provide you with the best solutions for your project. Give us a call at 570-275-4400 or send us an email.


Download Tilt-up Construction brochure.