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To whom it may concern:

Zartman Construction Co. is the prime contractor on the current Benton Middle/High School renovation project. This is a 10 million dollar undertaking that began in December of 2002. During this contract we have found the company to be exemplary in every aspect of the process. They have bad the task of actually building a new school around an existing building while classes were still in session. The workers have been very accommodating, particularly when any operational issues arise. They are considerate of staff and students and carry themselves as true professionals in their respective roles. They are friendly and cordial with the students and staff and have blended into our school community very well. In fact, everyone comments about the great relationship the contractor and crew have with our staff and students. They are extremely responsive to our needs and making sure that there is minimal impact on our day-to-day educational operation. They immediately address problems and make us aware well ahead of time when a construction need may impact classes.

The workmanship provided by the Zartman crew is of the highest quality. Under the leadership of foreman James Stavinksi, not only is the workmanship of the prime contractor checked, but also all of the sub-contractors are held to the same standard. He has done an outstanding job bringing so many different contractors together and staying on top of a very complex design and building project. You can count on daily interaction and update from Jim and immediate response to any problems or issues. Our working relationship has been nothing less than outstanding.

Additionally, our business manager has noted that Zartman's handling of financial reporting, document preparation and billing requirements is exemplary. They are very timely in submissions and their paperwork is always correctly completed. They are, in her words, truly a pleasure to work with and the best contractor they have bad to date on a major project.

As you can see, we are quite pleased that we have bad the opportunity to work with Zartman Construction company and all their staff. From the project manager, Mr. Ralph Renn, all the way down to the construction crew itself, you can tell that this is a quality organization with staff that cares about giving the best possible service to the customer. I highly recommend consideration of Zartman Construction Company as the best choice for any construction project you may have.

Please feel free to contact me should you require any additional information.

Joseph C. Goode - Principal
Benton Sr. High School





11 00 Evergreen Drive









To Whom It May Concern,


I am the principal of the Berwick Middle School and I am writing this letter as verification of our approval of the Zartman Construction Company.


We recently completed an extensive renovation and new construction project at our school. The Zartman Construction Company was the general contractor and conducted this project in a very knowledgeable, efficient, and professional manner. Their coordination of all of the sub-contractors and cooperation with prime contractors was very commendable.  Their workers strictly adhered to the rules which were established by the School District since the project lasted approximately two years and school was

in session. Throughout the project, if there were any questions or concerns they were most cooperative to resolve any issues.


It is my pleasure to strongly recommend the Zartman Construction Company to you. If I can be of any further reference please do not hesitate to contact me.




John B. Parker




April 16, 2002


Ira F. Dewalt, Jr.

Zartman Construction, Inc.

RR I Box 349Z

Northumberland, PA 17857·9748


Dear Mr. Dewalt:


A note of thanks and appreciation to Zartman Construction Company and John

Neyhard for the excellent job of renovating the Bloomsburg Police Department.


We are very pleased with our new facilities.




Leo V. Sokoloski

Chief of Police

Bloomsburg, PA




1357 Scott Street                                                            Kulpmont, PA 17834

Phone: (570)373-1376




Tim Clark


Zartman Construction Co.

Northumberland, PA.


Dear Mr. Clark,


I’m writing to tell you how well satisfied my son and I are with the work you and your men did installing a new metal roof at our garage in Kulpmont. Your roof plan and layout plus the professional workmanship of your men was outstanding.


We have received many compliments &inquiries from the local people regarding the results of your work.


Thank you for a great job.


Yours Truly,

Anthony R. Bressi





March 10, 2010


Re: Letter of Reference & Recommendation


To whom it may concern:


I have had the pleasure of interacting with Zartman Construction, Inc. many times over the 25 years I have spent designing and constructing large scale projects here at Bucknell University. They have never failed to deliver a well-built facility on time and within our budgets.


My experience with Zartman started in 1985 while they were building a complex of apartment buildings for the University; our relationship continues today with an adaptive reuse of a downtown building currently under renovation, which will house the University Bookstore.


I would not hesitate to give them a high recommendation.


Feel free to contact me with any further questions.


Very truly yours,



James D. Hostetler

Director of Construction and Design

Bucknell University