Design Build Construction

We form a team for the project, with you as our partner, to assure smooth channels of communication.

When design and construction are both in our hands, you have a single point of contact and responsibility for quality, cost and schedule. You're able to focus on the scope of the project, defining the needs and timely decision-making, rather than coordinating between designer and builder.

Why Design Build?

  • Gain quality - With one party responsible for the entire process, there's motivation to provide superior quality and project performance
  • Save money - Evaluate alternative construction costs earlier in the process.
  • Save time - Design and construction overlap, and bidding and redesign are eliminated, significantly reducing construction time.
  • Reduce burden on you - During design and construction, you don't need to dedicate time and money to coordinating and arbitrating between separate design and construction contracts.
  • Improve risk management - Risks are appropriately balanced (individual risks are managed by the party best positioned to manage that risk).

Our Design Build Process

Design build can save over four months in most new construction projects. Our four phase process gives you more control over costs. We provide alternative methods and regular project updates to assure a competitive price.

  • Preliminary Phase - Ideas and requirements are transformed into preliminary drawings.
  • Final Design Phase - Your project manager prepares bi-monthly reports to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Preconstruction Phase - We negotiate with selected subcontractors and suppliers, awarding contracts to firms with a proven track record in quality and competitive pricing.
  • Construction Phase - We use the critical path method (CPM) to ensure job control and resource efficiency. During construction, you will meet with our project manager and subcontractors to provide a system of accountability that gives us the ability to stick to the CPM schedule.

We have partnered with the following businesses in design build construction:

  • Advanced Scientifics
  • Apple Hill
  • Bachle Welding
  • ButterKrust Bakery (Bimbo Bakery)
  • CCX - Milton
  • Clark Filter
  • Dairy Queen
  • Durdach
  • Fleetwood Motor Homes
  • GE Technology
  • Harmen Stoves
  • KFC Shamokin Dam
  • Lozier
  • Metal - Industries Office
  • Nation Ticket
  • Pulverman
  • Watsontown Brick
  • Zimmerman's Motors