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Mini Excavator Rental Equipment

If you're searching for a piece of equipment to help you with trenching, sewer and water lines or removing sidewalks, our mini excavator rentals will get the job done. We have two different mini excavators, both flexible in tight areas (in buildings or your backyard) and suitable for working indoors.

Bobcat Mini Excavator (Model E35)

This Bobcat mini excavator is flexible in tight quarters and has an unrestricted rotation as a result of its zero tail swing. The rubber track on this particular unit makes it suitable for working indoors.

excavator rental

  • Capacity: 7468 lbs.

  • Lift height: 118 in.

  • Max dig depth: 10 ft. 2 in.

  • Zero tail swing

  • Available accessories: hammer and catalytic converter

Yanmar Mini Excavator (Model Vi020-2)

Our Yanmar mini excavator is smaller than the Bobcat model and its rubber tracks, zero tail swing and catalytic converter make it ideal for interior work. This model has a boom mounted demolition hammer and various sized buckets to meet your specific needs.

excavator rental

  • Capacity: 4800 lbs.

  • Lift height: 96 in.

  • Horizontal reach: 163 in.

  • Zero tail swing

  • Available accessories: hammer and converter, various sized buckets


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