Solar (Photovoltaic) Construction

Zartman Construction is pursuing the "Green Alternative" by providing the same high level of quality installations that made our commercial construction services highly sought after. We design and engineer safe, efficient systems that will service your needs for generations to come.

How Does Grid Tie Photovoltaic system work?

The solar panels turn the sunlight's energy into direct current (DC electricity). The DC electricity is coverted to Alternating Current (AC electricity) by using an inverter. The inverter also synchronizes the electric with the electrical grid.

If you produce more energy than you consume, the excess energy is distributed to the grid for broader distribution and your meter spins backwards earning you credit from your energy supplier.  For safety reasons the inverters will shutdown in the event that the grid loses power.

Solar Energy Incentives

Residential incentives include

  • Federal income tax credit – 30%
  • PA Sunshine Grant - 75₵/watt up to 10,000W

Business incentives include

  • Corporate tax credit – 30%
  • PA Sunshine Grant – Varies on system size
  • Bonus Depreciation

Additional solar energy resources