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Zartman recognizes team members who demonstrate company values

NORTHUMBERLAND, Pa. —  Each quarter team members can nominate another worker for our “Nailed It” awards, recognizing that person for their demonstration of Zartman company values. Safety first, customer focus, integrity, taking responsibility, dependable & reliable, friends & family and passion are the Zartman company values that we hope that each member of our team demonstrates.

Ryan Klinger was nominated for demonstrating all of the company’s values, “he believes safety is the first and foremost priority on a project [and] is always on the lookout for ways to do things more safely. [He] is always concerned about giving the customer the most reliable work we can. He is constantly thinking of ways to benefit the customer and is upfront and honest always. [Ryan] owns up to mistakes that are made and goes the extra mile to correct them. [He] puts in extra hours to make sure the project stays on schedule. [Ryan] always tells others that family is important and encourages time spent with them. He will make sure the work getting done is a team effort. He loves what he does, and loves teaching others about the industry.”

Jim Wiest was nominated for demonstrating safety first, customer focus and dependable & reliable company values, “[he] demonstrated the desire to work safely by questioning potentially unsafe work practices and making changes to work safely. [Jim] worked with a customer to allow them to keep operating during our construction process. [There was] good communication with the owner. [He] kept the project on budget and is always in close communication with the project manager to keep things running smoothly.”

Robert Hoover was nominated for demonstrating safety first, “Robert is the perfect example of the behavioral based safety culture Zartman is working to achieve and maintain. As a matter of course – along with his job duties – Robert constantly oversees job safety and isn’t afraid to make on-the-spot corrections himself or report issues to his supervisor. For example, Robert is comfortable telling subs they need to go get their hard hats and put them on.”

Ryan, Jim and Robert were presented with their awards during Zartman’s annual “Safety Day” in February.

Zach Boyer and Matt Lehman were presented with their awards this past fall.

Zach was nominated for demonstrating most of the company’s values, “Zach is dedicated, hardworking (sometimes too hard) and is always willing to step in and help out. [He is always making sure that people are] wearing the proper PPE or being tied off. He stopped a conversation mid-stream to correct someone doing a wrong act. Zach is aware of the clients’ needs and wants and makes sure we are always keeping them satisfied without jeopardizing the cost of the project. Zach isn’t afraid to bring forth mistakes and with them ideas on how to fix them, this is a good sign of a leader and a responsible person. Zach is passionate about his work and representing Zartman in what he does.” ­

Matt Lehman was nominated for demonstrating all of the company’s values, “Matt has demonstrated unwavering dedication to completing his responsibilities quickly, and correctly. It is also very clear that Matt’s dedication to himself as a self-motivator deserves recognition. His continued efforts for self-improvement are very evident. Without Matt, the PM staff could not have accomplished the task given to us.”

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