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Safe Supervisor of 2018 awarded

NORTHUMBERLAND, Pa – Since 1995 Zartman has been awarding a “Safe Supervisor of the Year” and Eric Read has been awarded that title for 2018.

The idea got its inception at the company Christmas party in 1995, when the management team was searching for ways to increase supervisor acceptance and participation in the safety program. For the first several years the only criteria used was the percentage of weekly toolbox talks and jobsite inspections completed. Ten criteria were then developed along with a complexity factor in 2000. The complexity factor weighs the number of employees under their supervision and the complexity of the projects they supervised throughout the year. In 2005 the 11th criteria awarding point to supervisors for violation free safety inspections was added. In 2010 the 12th criteria awarding points for a supervisor who underwent an OSHA inspection with no citations was added to the program.

Eric Read was the named the “Safe Supervisor of the Year” for 2018, Jim Wiest was second and Ben Maurer was third.

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