Our Awards

At Zartman Construction, a satisified customer is it's own award, but we've collected some third-party recognition, as well.

In 2010 the Associated Builders & Contractor's National Excellence in Construction Award goes to local contractor

In 2010, the Associated Builders & Contractor's awarded Zartman Construction, Inc., not one but two National Excellence in Construction Awards.  The first was a project completed for Architect Tippetts/Weaver; constructing a new Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA.  This project not only had the normal construction concerns, but also historical concerns as the 30,000 sq. ft. building is located in the heart of the historical district of Lewisburg.  The existing structure was comprised of three components; a warehouse circa 1910, the main building circa 1880, and and infill area.  Many historic and architectural elements have been preserved and are on display throught the building.  This newly repurposed building holds 29,500 sq. ft. of sales space, a Starbucks Cafe with seating for 66, a Kids' Corner created in the existing hand operated freight elevator, a designated area on the second floor for Bucknell University merchandise and also the Campus Box Office.  Throughout all three floors books abound.

The second award was given for the construction of the Jessica S. Kozloff Apartments for Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA.  This included three - four story buildings which includes 128 4-bedroom apartments and 8 4-bedroom handicapped units, and a community center which includes a fitness center, conference room, offices, activities room and the Resident Assistant's apartment.  This project had some major issues that had to be dealt with; one was that because of the local airport the FAA would only allow a maximum building height that dictated 10' floor to ceiling height; another issue was the two separate 69 KV power transmission lines adjacent to one of the buildings.  In order to maintain a minimum clearance distance of 11' the decision was made early on to preassemble the roof structures into modules.  These truss assemblies covered areas as large as 50' x 50' and were completed manufactured on the ground and raised into place.  This method not only reduced our crane time along side the high voltage lines, but significantly reduced our fall hazards.  In addition, everyone on site was required to have specialized training for working near high voltage power lines.  Because of this unusual method the truss manufacturer made a brochure.  (see article attachedunder About Us - News.)

Associated Builders and Contractor's National Excellence in Construction Award

Zartman Construction received a top award from Associated Builders and Contractors for its work on the Williamsport Wire Rope Rail Project in Williamsport, PA.  Zartman Construction received first place in the Infrastructure/Heavy Building category in ABC's Excellence in Construction Awards program.

ABC National Excellence in Construction Award

ABC's awards program is designed to recognize publicly the quality and innovation of merit shop construction and to honor all the members of the construction team, including the contractor, the owner, and the design team responsible for the projects.  The winning projects were selected from entries submitted from across the country and were judged on complexity, attractiveness, unusual challenges, completion time, workmanship, innovation, safety, and budget.

As part of the last segment of a track realignment to eliminate two rail crossings on a heavily used city street, Zartman Construction built a 10' x 45' railroad drawbridge over a wire rope prestresser.

"The project is a clear example of the high-quality work merit shop contractors perform every day."
- 2002 ABC Chairman, Ken Adams
    Railroad Drawbridge

Pioneer Club

In September of 2002, Gene Zartman was inducted into the Systems Builder Association’s Pioneer Club for life long involvement and commitment to the pre-engineered building industry.

1996 Business of the Year Award

In 1996, the Central Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce awarded Zartman Construction its Business of the Year Award.