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Zartman hosts annual Safety Day

NORTHUMBERLAND, Pa. —  Zartman Construction held its annual Safety Day for employees earlier this month. Safety Day is part of a behavioral based safety culture that is enriched through this event.

President David Zartman spoke to open up the day saying, “you cannot inspect your way to a safe jobsite, everyone must have the knowledge.” Zartman also presented the Safe Supervisor award and Nailed It recognition awards. Jerry Wolfe, Safety & Risk Management Director, also spoke to the group about the day’s theme “Stop Work.” Stop Work encourages everyone to feel confident to stop work if they see a potential safety hazard.

The first presentation of the day was given by Craig Shaffer and discussed the best Stop Work practices for the industry. Jay Brigham then presented “Safety vs Productivity: If either Wins, Both Lose.” The day finished with a live wire demonstration from PP&L.

All harnesses and fall protection gear was inspected by members of the operations and project management staff.

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