Industrial Services

Zartman Construction provides several industrial services, including rigging, moving, processing piping, mud jacking, material processing, and water treatment facility upgrades.

Rigging & Moving

As our crane service grew, Zartman Construction was called on to provide rigging and installation services. Several members of our staff are dedicated to providing rigging, millwright, process piping and machinery moving. We also install equipment for bulk material handling (aggregate, coal and feed) industries.

Our facility has a railroad siding, dock and rail service available to load or unload your materials. We can also temporarily store equipment and  materials in our yard to meet your needs.

Totally enclosed storage containers can be delivered to your location for secure short or long-term ground-level storage of your equipment or other  materials. We can also provide open top containers to meet your hauling  or refuse removal needs.  We can deliver it to your door; fully insured and licensed. Let our trucks and trailers make the pick-up and delivery. Our Talbert rollback trailer makes short work of loading and unloading.

Process Piping

We do the piping associated with the water and wastewater facilities we work on. We can also do air line work.

We recently installed (11) retortes (cookers) for a local food processing plant. We placed over 2000 lineal feet of 4” to 8” water, steam and air piping lines, plus all the smaller piping required to hook up the individual units.

Mud Jacking

Mud jacking, or slab jacking, is a skilled process of drilling holes into the concrete slab and injecting a cement mortar mix beneath the concrete to raise it to its original elevation. Once the slab is in it’s new position, we seal the holes.

It is a complex and often difficult task, however we have 20 years experience in the field. We own the latest mud jacking equipment and in many cases can position the pumping equipment outside the building and do the mud injection with hoses after the drilling of the holes.

Obviously, very heavily loaded slabs will need to be partially unloaded, but in many cases the work can be done without disrupting your processing. We have done mud jacking jobs for many accounts such as Bucknell University, Knoebels Grove and the Jersey Shore Post Office where the floor had settled over 4 ½ inches and we raised it back to within ½ inch of the original grade. By doing the work at night, it caused little disruption to the usual business at the post office.

Material Processing

We can install your material handling equipment.  We have installed standard and overhead  conveyors, tanks and bins, mills, shakers and bucket elevators among other items.  Areas of work include coal, aggregate and food industries. We also work with overhead crane systems and reinforcing the building to support them.

Water Treatment

We work in both water and wastewater treatment plants.  Our typical project is plant equipment, piping or building upgrades.

At the Northumberland Borough Plant, we constructed new concrete chlorine contact tanks.  In Snyder County, we developed a well for connection to the municipal authority water grid.  In the Borough of Milton, we rehabilitated a waste water pump station.  In Gregg Township, we added baffles to the clarifiers to improve the discharge water quality.